The Vision

Hurst Farm already has a number of important assets, including the Community Centre run by Friends of Hurst Farm, the Social Club, Castle View School, the parks, woodland and of course some wonderful, committed and Hardworking people.

As the local community group, ‘Friends of Hurst Farm’ work on behalf of the community to run events, support our families and friends to ensure that Hurst Farm is a place where the community thrive. Together with local partners we have set up a steering group, which is growing into a strong voice for Hurst Farm. This is represented in our logo for Hurst Farm.

Hurst Farm – Growing the Future

By working together we believe we can create a thriving community with many opportunities for employment and volunteering, income generation, training, leisure and recreation, and play and development for children and adults.

During extensive community consultation people from Hurst Farm have told us that what matters to them is that their children and grandchildren can look forward to a bright future.  We believe that by working together in partnership we can achieve this.

For more information on the Hurst Farm Consultation and Vision click here.

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